Several things are taking place on the OC

July 9th, 2010

Two new boards have been added read about them here:  Dream Meanings & Spell Requests!

The altar submissions are in for the Summer Altar Contest: Vote for the Best Summer Altar

A few custom pages that have actually been around for a while are now official!

~ Facebook Activity ~ See what’s liked from Occult Corpus on Facebook! Added to day.

~ 8 Ball Oracle ~ For the last few months it’s been a game only for Gold members, now it’s open to all!

~ Chat Room ~ the chatroom thats been around from the beginning!

~ OC Co-op Search ~ A search engine that hunts through OC friendly sites!

Down Time in February

February 5th, 2010

At the moment, the Corpus is down due host issues beyond my control. They are experiencing some hardware trouble which have caused them to move all of their customers to a new machine. This move has created additional complications and as such we are down till they can complete the move…

I am hoping that the move will also fix the current random downtime the forums have been having, but I can not promise that until the move is complete and we get back up and running, so cross your fingers.

First Ever Occult Corpus Raffle

February 2nd, 2010

In case you have not noticed in the Occult Corpus Contests Forum, I have started a 50/50 raffle that is open to pretty much all members.

The tickets are $2 a piece and half of the total cash brought in will go to the winning member, the other half will go to help maintain the site.

With the help of Eris the current pot is standing at $26! So for just two bucks you could bring in $27 dollars! So get your ticket today!

The raffle will remain open for the rest of February.

Site Status (11/17)

November 17th, 2009

The site should now be running a bit smoother when compared to the last several days.

Out Technomancers have divined the problem, placed curses upon it, and it should now be nothing more then a mar in the deepest of internet archives.

I apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused,


Ramus is now part of the OC Pantheon!

October 28th, 2009

Chances are, if you hear me talking about my Webby Guy, I’ll be talking about ramus

He’ll be working on several project for the site including skin/theme tweaking, upgrades, helping in the server, as well as a few other things that need tweaking. He has already assisted on the occult corpus directory and I think has even had his fingers on the official Occult Corpus blog.

If you’d like to congratulate him, post in here or head over to the Occult Corpus Chat room where he generally hangs out.

[Guide] Thread Tagging on Occult Corpus

August 28th, 2009

Thread tagging is a fairly new feature on the Corpus and a feature that many are unfamiliar with so I thought I’d put a quick HOW TO together to help those not in the know…

For those that do not know what a tag is, check out this link on Wikipedia.

To make a tag:

At the bottom of a thread below the Social Bookmarks, but above the Quick Reply box you’ll see the following.

Click the EDIT TAG link and it will open up a field where you can then edit or add in tags.

If no tags are present it will look like this:

I put in three random tags as an example there. You can add up to 5 additional tags (up to 25 max). Adding in multiple tags requires a Comma (,) to separate them.

If tags already exist in the thread you can edit them as well.

That image is pretty self explanatory.

In both cases, once you have edited or added the correct tags to the thread click the [SAVE CHANGES] button to apply them.

Searching Tags:

In the Navbar (the main options menu near the top of the forum) where you can do normal searches there is an option for searching tags.

Simply click on the “tag search’ link and it will take you to the Tag Cloud…

The 93 most popular tags are shown in the tag cloud, the bigger and bolded ones are the ones used the most, however there are more then 93 tags, so feel free to use the tag search option if you are looking for a given keyword.

Please Search:

Not all threads are tagged however, so if you do not find the tag you are looking for do a normal search for it. Once you find what you are looking for, by all means, go back to the begining of this guide and TAG the threads you find with the appropriate tags so that others can benefit from your efforts.

Thank you,


Attention Twits!

August 18th, 2009

The OC is now on Twitter!

Random Occult Corpus what-nots can now be followed on the ever popular Twitter! Myself and a select team of Twits will keep you up to date on the latest and greatest threads here at the OC via tweeting… not all the threads of course, just a few special ones that we find to our liking.

For server status updates you should keep an eye on the official OC blog, which todate is not used for all that much… but that may eventually change as well. The link to the blog is thus:

Thank you for paying attention,


I guess I broke it…

July 22nd, 2009

As I went though several changes today I seemingly clicked a button labeled “detonate” and now the place has exploded…
This is a short term issue however as my crack webteam is on the case, or rather my crack web team is a work… so we all have to wait till they get home before the place can get back to running effectively ;)

Sorry for the interuption!

Guidelines & you

July 8th, 2009

At the request of several members and on my own whim I have tweaked the rules slightly.

I have tweaked the point values for several of them (some up, some down) and have now listed the expiration times for them (they all used to be 6 months). The wording of the rules however have not changed, just the way they are handled.

Furthermore, we (the mod team) will start enforcing them a little harder then before.  This is not a notice of IRON FIST moderation however, so we still plan on being pretty lax, however you may see more warnings issued rather then simply getting your posts edited or friendly reminder PMs.

You can view the guidelines here: Occult Corpus Guidelines.

Warnings: Warnings are just that, a warning that you are pushing the lines.

Infractions: Infractions are what happens when those lines you were pushing have been crossed. Repeat instances of the same violation may result in an infraction that does NOT expire.

Auto-ban: Threats and harassment can and will result in an automatic ban! (not a suspension). Spam can also result in an automatic ban/suspension.

We use a point system, and at ten points your account here on Occult Corpus is suspended untill one (or more) of your infractions expire. You can view any and all infractions near the bottom of your Control Panel.

Testing Testing, 1, 2, 3

July 7th, 2009

We are not broken, we know exactly what we are doing, lol. The OC will be acting strangly for the next hour or so. Nothing to be alarmed over. Once we are done doing (whatever it is we are doing) things should be back to normal!

Thanks, and sorry for any trouble!